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Are You Stubborn?

I get a lot of questions about the origins of our name, Stubborn Oaks. I like to tell people that it is partly our property and partly my personality - but let me explain...

Springtime in Minnesota is a beautiful thing. We live on a wild little piece of land ringed with oak trees, and beyond that, the marsh, and beyond that, the water. Every year, the water seems to creep up, rising towards the oak tree roots. You might know that oak trees don't like their roots to be wet - and boy, my oak trees have some soggy, pruney feet. Every spring, I cross my fingers and wait for buds to appear - a sign that those oak trees have made it through another winter, and another wet spring. Those oak trees haven't let me down yet - and their stubbornness led me to think about the word 'stubborn' in a new way.

If you're stubborn, you are steadfast. You persevere. You know what you want. You want what's best for yourself and your loved ones, and are willing to take the time and energy to make smart decisions. You seek out information and do your homework. You read product labels. You think about the larger impact of the buying decisions you make. You buy local. You recognize a quality, handcrafted product when you see it.

In short, being stubborn is knowing what you want, and refusing to settle for less.

So I'll ask you again, are you stubborn?

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